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Lack of Hawaii Post Election Social Media Clean-Up Could be a Political Time Bomb

November 14, 2010 2 comments

When I got hired by an independent contractor to track social media during Hawaii 2010 primary and main elections, one of the things I noticed was the amount of content that was spun out there.  From opening campaign fan pages on Facebook to Youtube and twitter profiles, it was a rush to get on the social media starting line but without any kind of exit strategy.  DANGEROUS!

If any career politician in Hawaii rushed to get their game on in social media just to get the spin and they don’t tend to the profiles and content that’s posted, this will definitely have a track-able impact on future running’s of that politician.  Think about it; with all the content that the politicians spun out there on social media can be used against them in the future when the changing their platforms or opinions.  If this falls into the hands of their opponents, it WILL be used against them.

So in short, if you have either won or lost as a politician in the recent Hawaii 2010 campaign and you used social media, it would be best of you “scrub” or delete your profiles of title and content.  Surly, if they decide they want to run again, they don’t want people getting served old content.  It would probably be perceived that the politician isn’t current = fail!


How Social Media Can Help Humane Society, Animal Shelters Adoptions and Awareness

Many use social media for marketing our businesses or initiatives.  In most cases we are looking for upward movement in our mission to better brand and image.  But there are connectivity movements through social media that when used correctly, melts the heart.  For instance, when you need a soft-hearted moment or a break from stress, go to YouTube and search “puppies”.  So that being said, my thoughts on SocialMedia4Life and helping the Humane Society and animal shelters with adoptions and awareness issues.

The first thing you want to think about is a live streaming camera over your puppies and/or kitty pens.  What you do is go to a site like LiveStream and open up a FREE account.  Run a USB camera to your computer from the pen and hit broadcast.  In the title of the live stream put “New Puppies & Kittens for Adoption – (Shelter name and city)”.  Then hit broadcast and you’re up and running.  Then embed the live stream on the FRONT of your shelter website.

Just as important is the description area of the video.  When these sites ask for a description, this is very important.  Write something about the shelter and ALWAYS include the shelters website address – be sure to use the whole URL protocol; “”””.  Then you will be asked to add tags.  Tags help with internal site searching so use tags like, “cute puppies, kittens, animal adoption…etc.

YouTube is also a very powerful tool.  Take a few minutes to shoot a video about the animal shelter facility.   A tour through the facility brings awareness to the shelters initatives… know, what it takes to keep it clean, care for the  animals and of course, the shelter workers and volunteers.  Like on LiveVideo, be sure that you put the name/location of the shelter in the title and write a short “about us” in the description box.

So those are my thoughts – Join me for more on Facbook from SocialMedia4Life.