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Social Media: Leaving A New Legacy When You Die

Social Media Mortuary

Did you ever think that social media could change the kind of legacy you leave for your family after you pass-away?  Think about it……what if you could go to YouTube and see a video of your great-grandmother and hear bits of wisdom from her?

If you are involved in social media, you may want to think about what you want to leave your love ones with so that the can hear/see what you were all about.  yea, I know….kinda morbid but it is something to think about.  Of course you do realize that if you’re putting up videos, blogging or here on Facebook you’re already leaving that digital footprint, right?

Either way you look at it, the way we leave bits of our legacy has now changed forever.  You might want to take a look at what you have posted in the past and delete things that you find is not how you think now.  Or maybe start to think of ways you want to leave content that might be more of a “story”.  However, don’t forget that this is social media and that others can see what you’re posting.

Just something to think about…..