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Using Social Media and YouTube To Promote Childrens Books in Hard Copy

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I was recently hired by a book publishing company to help them out with their hard copy marketing.  The focus within the publishers inventory was children’s books.  This was quite the thought process for me because as we know, hardcopy sales are dwindling to other formats like audio and apps.  However, what I find is hopeful in my research is that unlike adults who are moving towards other formats, children still like to hold something while they read.  Remember, not every house has a computer or an app enabled device redly available to children. 

If you follow my thoughts on preparing engaging content based on what you can give a person, you’ll quickly understand the following – YouTube Story Telling.  I have always said that you have to give something to get something.  So the program that I came up with for this person is your super basic “Read Me A Story” session.

With a very simple video camera, either you or someone who is a great story-teller, reads a solid, captivating chapter from the book to real kids.  Using my social media and google keyword strategies, I positioned the title on YouTube to reflect power words like, Bedtime Stories, Children’s Books, Christmas Stories, Read to Me and the name of the book and author.Also, in the description box of the video, put in the text version of what is on the video.  So if you read chapter seven, also put chapter seven as text in the description box. 

With multiple keyword phrase possibilities in the title and description, you’ll get many different types of views based on searches.  For instance, the author’s name is a very powerful keyword even if they’re first timers.  Also,these keywords are ones that a kid might use as well.  Once video is uploaded and public, both the publisher and the author can embed the video into their sites for “stick time” from visitors and further branding.

At the end of the day, YouTube is the most powerful video form of Social Media engagement that reflects strongly on search engine optimization.  Give it a try – it’s free and no matter what, it will give you another digital footprint.