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How To Use Social Media for Fund Raising and Match Campaigns



 There are many people and companies that give money to their favorite nonprofits every year.  Some of which want to stay out of the limelight but there are those that use their donations as a “feel good” campaign.  

Using social media to raise funds is nothing new but perhaps I can shed some light on fund matching and bringing new donation to the table from larger companies.  I can show you how to double your funds form an equity donor and even get new, more powerful donations with cross promotionalized social media.  

Needless to say I’m kind of an A.D.D. kind of man and to boot, I don’t write well so I lean into the video and podcasting realm of social media.  Check the video out on the page and I work it all out for you in hopes you can take advantage of it to the best of your ability. Join me at