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Using Social Media To Find Missing Children, Persons and Elderly

It’s the most traumatic feeling to have someone missing.  A child, a parent, best friend or spouse, it’s mind numbing the pain one feels while searching for their loved ones.

But using social media for bringing awareness to missing persons is a very powerful tool to use in continuing your search for your loved one.  You should use various types of social media such as blogging, article marketing and podcasting but what I recommend is the use of video.

Produce a video using static shots/pictures in a slide show format.  Whether your on a PC or a MAC, there are native programs that can help you with this and you don’t have to buy outside software.  On a PC look for “Movie Maker” which is a Windows program.  If you’re on a MAC, look for iMovie.  Both of these programs have slide show “how to” – very easy.  Along with the pictures that you use in the slide show, add titles in the slide show with the persons name.  Once again, easily done in the video software.

When you are done producing your slideshow and you’re ready to upload it, I want you to open profiles on Metacafe, Viddler, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.  Once you have established your profiles, then start the upload process – but hang on…….


When you upload your video they will ask for a title, description and tags.  This is the most powerful part of using social media to gain heavy traction on search engines.  Please do the following exactly how I do –

  • TITLE – “Missing (Person or Child), (Name), (City/Town), (Zip Code), (Date they went missing).  If you think that your missing person has something to do with foul play like spousal kidnapping, put the city, town and zip code where you suspect the missing person might be.  This include out of country (outside of the USA, add the country name also).
  • DISCRIPTION – Here’s where you’ll put detailed info on what they were wearing, where they were seen last and circumstances of their disappearance.  Also include medical needs if it’s an elderly person or mentally challenged person.
  • TAGS – missing person, (name), (last scene location), (City), amber alert, missing child, elderly, people lost, Alzheimer’s, mentally challenged, mental patient

Once you have uploaded your videos, go to your YouTube posting and share that throughout your social media sites that you have profiles on like Facebook, Twitter etc…..

Also, don’t forget to blog about your situation and embed or attach the video and add pictures.  Use the same title, description and tag method as I used above.

If you’re reading this because you’re looking for someone, I pray that you find them.  I hope what I gave you as information in this blogs gives new new hope to strengthen your ssearch hopes.

George – SocialMedia4Life