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New Facebook Share Apps Option – Has Engagement Overkill Just Shown Its Ugly Head?

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Facebook changes share options adding new Apps like hugs, iHeart.  Makes you wonder if this an other attempt to get people to get on Apps that ask for total access to your friends and other info to sell to Martian’s….okay, that was my conspiracy theory!  🙂

But really, I blinked my eyes and it changed.  It looks like Facebook in its hyper efforts to continue the engagement frenzy, the have added Apps to your share options.  Anyway to make it easier to share junk apps like junk mail.  Someone has to tell the marketing division that cute only sells when it comes to puppies, kittens and baby laughing.

I’m getting to a point where the obvious push to get everyone sharing is going shove people over the edge of the point of diminished returns.  Don’t be surprised if Facebook sees a little exodus or un-friending “friends” from people who are fed-up with “share” blast outs this apps.

Do you think there’s too much going on with Facebook?  Are you getting over stimulated with all the option clutter?