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I’m Going To Google You! Personal Online Reputation Management

We’re in a new world where people Google everything from needs to education.  But what is becoming an increasing movement on the internet is being Googled on a personal level.  We have heard for a while that potential employers would look up prospective employees to see if they fit the moral dynamics of the company.  Enter the world of Personal Online Reputation Management.

But now as we are moving into the micro delivery systems of a computer (smart phones), there’s a good chance that you will get searched on the spot at a bar, party or when a guy/girl setting next to you at Starbucks overhears your name.  Scary?  Well, it shouldn’t be…..

For those of use who are privacy conscious we might want to do a vanity search to see what shows up on Google.  It is my suggestion that you tag your search with locations, schools, or past employers.  EXAMPLE: “Steve Smith, Burbank, Polytechnic High School, Barn’s & Nobel”.  Also you might want to consider looking up profiles that you have on social media sites.  Mine is KeyOfGeebz – Check out how many times I have been digested through the web.  Trippy.

Anyhow, take a look at what is going on with your vanity search results.  In most cases, around 75% of you will find a harmless link or two, but if you’re active on the web in any form, it might be eye opener.  Do yourself a favor and check yourself out.  It’s becoming as important knowing what you credit rating is……


  1. July 4, 2010 at 2:14 am

    EXCELLENT points made in your post, Geebz!! By the way…. you can change that “just another WordPress site” line on the top-right of the layout to something about your business under “Settings, General, 2nd box ‘tagline'”. Takes me FOREVER to locate where all these parameters are hiding!!!! Also…. want me to whip up a custom header for your page? Email me 5 0r 6 businessy photos and I’ll merge it all together and put your “SocialMedia4Life” overlaid on it! (Danny@GOvideoHAWAII.com (site still under construction))

    • July 4, 2010 at 6:09 pm

      Hey D.

      Thanks for the comment – Actually, I forgot about the 2nd tag line – just changed it. I might take you up on the art. I’m going to switch SocialMedia4Life to a premium WordPress in about a week. Look forward to seeing you at the FAMES gathering. ALOHA!

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